A Teacher's Guide and Resource Materials, developed especially for the Ralph Bunche modules, is available free to educators.

The Guide is organized in two main sections:

  • a General Reference section useful for the series as a whole, and
  • a Supplementary section with a guide for each individual module in the series.

The General Reference and the Supplementary sections are designed to be used together.

If you would like to download various versions of the Guide in PDF form, please select from the following options:  

Complete 204-page Guide
General Reference Section Only
Teacher Feedback Form
Guides to specific modules:
  Module 1 Early Years, Early Influences
  Module 2 The Making of a Scholar/Activist
  Module 3 A Black Scholar Investigates Colonialism
  Module 4a/b Race, An American Dilemma
  Module 5 The Insider/Activist
  Module 6 Mr. UN
  Module 7 The Peacemaker in Palestine
  Module 8 The Architect of Peacekeeping
  Module 9 International Troubleshooter
  Module 10a/b Crisis in the Congo
  Module 11 The Man Behind the Myth
  Module 12 The Final Years

We hope you will find the Teacher's Guide to Ralph Bunche: The Odyssey Continues a valuable educational resource.  If you have any comments and/or suggestions, you can reach us via this page

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