A Teacher’s Guide and Resource Materials, developed especially for the Ralph Bunche modules, is available free to educators.

The Guide is organized in two main sections:

  • a General Reference section useful for the series as a whole, and
  • a Supplementary section with a guide for each individual module in the series.

The General Reference and the Supplementary sections are designed to be used together.

If you would like to receive a free printed copy of the Guide, please email a request to

If you would like to download a printable text only version of the Guide in PDF, please select from the following options:  

Complete 204-page Guide
General Reference Section Only
Teacher Feedback Form
Guides to specific modules:
  Module 1 Early Years, Early Influences
  Module 2 The Making of a Scholar/Activist
  Module 3 A Black Scholar Investigates Colonialism
  Module 4a/b Race, An American Dilemma
  Module 5 The Insider/Activist
  Module 6 Mr. UN
  Module 7 The Peacemaker in Palestine
  Module 8 The Architect of Peacekeeping
  Module 9 International Troubleshooter
  Module 10a/b Crisis in the Congo
  Module 11 The Man Behind the Myth
  Module 12 The Final Years

We hope you will find the Teacher’s Guide to Ralph Bunche, the odyssey continues… a valuable educational resource.  Any comments and/or suggestions you may have can be emailed to us at  To download a convenient Teacher Feedback Form, please Click Here.