Dear Educator:

Various educational tools, including a teacher's guide and instructor's notes, have been developed by top educators to accompany the use of the film "Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey" and the 12 Teaching Video Modules. These materials have been endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies.

These materials will be of special interest to teachers of high school social studies and to faculty teaching courses in political science, sociology, American history, international relations, multicultural and African-American studies, and on the United Nations.

The High School Teacher's Guide and the Instructor's Notes can be downloaded from this site (see the menu above).

The materials listed below are available for sale and/or rental:

  • The series of 12 Teaching Video Modules (collectively known as "Ralph Bunche: The Odyssey Continues...") are available on DVD.
Other educational videos on the African American experience are available from the William Greaves Production website.